How to Increase Your Productivity. Now. 

I often reflect on how to get more out of the time I’m allotted each day. Both in work as well as my personal life. So I flipped on a favorite podcast this morning called ‘Freakonomics’, and a productivity expert named Charles Duhigg was on. Sweet right!

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I often reflect on how to get more out of the time I’m allotted each day. Both in work as well as my personal life. So I flipped on a favorite podcast this morning called ‘Freakonomics’, and a productivity expert named Charles Duhigg was on. Sweet right! 

Duhigg had interviewed over 400 people for his bestseller ‘Power of Habit’ and boiled down the 8 things that came up again and again:

1. Motivation: we trigger self-motivation by doing things that make us feel in control.

2. Focus: we train ourselves to pay attention to the right things and ignore distractions by building mental models and narrating to ourselves what’s going on around us.

3. Goals: we need both a stretch goal and a goal that we can achieve tomorrow morning.

4. Decision making: the best decision makers tend to think probabilistically of multiple hypothetical futures, then try to think of which one is most likely to occur.

5. Innovation: the most creative environments are the ones that allow people to take cliches and then mix them together in new ways. The people best at this have their feet in a few different worlds and can figure out which ideas will best click together.

6. Absorbing data: sometimes the best way to learn is by making data hard to absorb. The harder we have to work to understand an idea, the stickier it becomes.

7. Managing others: the best way to tap into an individual’s unique talent is by putting the person responsible for solving the problem, closest to the problem.

8. Teams: who is on a team matters much less than how a team interacts.

Now go get ’em.

Get the full interview from the Freakonomics podcast here:

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2 Responses to How to Increase Your Productivity. Now. 

  1. Thank you for your posts Jeremi I always enjoying reading them and I hope your well!
    As far as productivity and motivation, perhaps it comes from just Being not Doing? For me, when I feel like I’m inbetween stories, as one chapter has ended but I’m not sure what the next one is, I tend to feel stuck. It is as though everyone around me including myself says do do do but my body and heart resist which often leaves me to a place of complete exhaustion and forces me from having nothing left within but to rest and refuel. However, I find that when this happens and I’m reduced to what IS by the simple act of non-resistance and constant doing I’m able to come from a place of Being that allows inspired action and motivation to come through oneself and catapult us into our own unique greatness. It’s not easy when our belief systems get confused and our culture is filled with doing more more more to obtain balance and freedom within. Perhaps it is the non doing that can bring that inspired action?
    With gratitude

    • Hi Nicole, hope you are lovely! Great thoughts, I certainly resonate. We can so easily get caught up in the doing in our culture and miss out on the being. And there’s is so much delight, beauty, and hidden potential inside simply being. Thanks for sharing.

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